Q. What are your rates?

A. Our basic rates in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are $95/hour for non-network related issues and $150/hour for network-related issues. For clients without a maintenance contract, there is a two-hour minimum for onsite calls.

For web-related services and development of customized solutions, we prefer to work on a turn-key basis. We will provide an estimate for the entire project prior to commencement of work. Any significant change in the estimate caused by a change in the scope of work is discussed with our clients prior to implementation.

Q. How much does a website cost?

A. Website costs are divided up into three different parts: domain name, website hosting and website development/implementation. Website hosting and development / implementation can vary widely depending on the criteria for each site. Please contact us for detailed information if you are planning to develop an Internet website.

Q. I already have a web site. Will I save money if I host the site with h2 Global?

A. h2 Global has several competitively priced web hosting products. Our most popular package for small businesses is $200 per year. For each domain, there is also a one-time account set-up fee of $50.

Q. Do we need a modem on each computer on our Local Area Network (LAN) to access the Internet from each computer?

A. No. It is not necessary for each computer on a LAN to have a modem and a phone connection to have simultaneous connection to the Internet. There are several cost-effective solutions that allow every computer on a LAN to access the Internet through a common gateway. These relatively inexpensive solutions may be based on ISDN, ADSL, SDSL or cable modem technology.

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